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How much does it cost? Are there any other fees?


It's only $49.95 for a full year, and there are no other fees. Unlimited clicks, leads and sales and will be yours for $49.95.
Q Why should I list my site?
A To generate shoppers to your site and make your site more known, visible and easier to reach by more customers. We listen our shoppers' complaints, suggestions, and answer their questions, so they feel secure about searching in our directory. Click here to learn more about benefits of listing your site.
Q How do I list my website in the sponsor listings area?
A Please see our sponsor listings page for more details.
Q Will refund my money, if I am not happy with the service?
A Yes, we will. To learn how refunds work please see our terms of use page.
Q How does generate traffic?
A We generate traffic in several ways: We're listed at the top of major search engines and directories and we continue to optimize our pages and categories for better ranking. We're getting visitors from shopping related and subject specific directories and our member link exchanges. We're also using all kind of promotion methods, which are appropriate for us like offline marketing, banners, newsletters, sponsorships, and more. Please click here to see our ranking with search engines.
Q What is the supplier contact profile?
A The supplier contact profile is the contact information displayed in your company profile page. As a supplier, your contact profile is created automatically when you register on It includes the name and last name of your company's contact person, your company name, and your contact details, and you can be contacted by buyers.
Q How do I edit my supplier contact profile?
A To edit your supplier contact profile login to your account and click on the Edit My Profile link in the menu. Edit your contact information and click the Update button at the end of the form. Your edited contact profile will be updated immediately.
Q Why am I unable to edit my company name?
A For security reasons you cannot edit your company name directly from your account. To change your registered company name please contact us specifying the reasons for the change.
Q What is the supplier company profile?
A The supplier company profile is a summary of your company and of the products and services you supply. It can include a list of the products you offer, information about your company history,  the brands you distribute, the types of businesses you supply to (for example, whether you supply to retailers, mail order companies, wholesalers etc), your website URL, the year your company was established, and your focus markets (for example US, Canada, South America, Germany etc). Your company profile helps buyers learn more about your business. Creating a relevant company profile is one of the best ways to be found by the right buyers and to receive the highest number of relevant enquiries.
Q Why does nothing happen when I try to select a category for my company profile?
A The most probable cause is that your browser does not have JavaScript enabled or does not support Javascript. If your browser does not support Javascript please upgrade to the latest version. To enable Javascript, find below instructions for different browsers:

Internet Explorer (version 5 or above):
Click Tools on the top bar of the browser;
Select Internet Options (a new window will popup);
In the new window click on the Security tab;
In Security you can select Default to restore the browser's original settings, or
Customise. If you select Customise a new window will popup; scroll down to Active Scripting and select Enable; Click OK - A confirmation message will appear, click Yes.

Click Tools on the top bar of the browser;
Select Options (a new window will popup);
In the new window click on the Web Features image on the left;
Check "Enable Javascript";
Click OK.

Netscape (version 5.0 or above):
Click Edit on the top bar of the browser;
Select Preferences (a new window will popup);
In the new window click on Advanced from the category pane on the left;
Check "Enable JavaScript";
Click OK.

Once your browser is enabled to support JavaScript, you should be able to proceed with selecting a category.
Q How do I edit my company profile?
A To edit your company profile login to your account and click on the Edit Company Profile link in the menu. Your edited company profile will be reviewed within 24 hours, and you will be notified by email once it has been reviewed.
Q How do I renew and cancel my supplier membership?
A Your membership can be renewed automatically by our system by clicking on the Renew Membership link in the menu, and follow the instruction to complete your renewal. If you like to cancel your membership you need to select cancel my subscription option in the menu. Please login to access your account.
If you experience any problems or have any questions please contact us and a member of staff will reply shortly.

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